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Looking for a practical and stylish solution to keep your home clean and tidy? The Mayitwill Cat Litter Box Mat is the perfect addition to any cat owner's home. Its soft and durable material is designed to trap litter from your cat's paws, preventing it from being spread around your floors. The non-slip bottom ensures that the mat stays in place, providing a hassle-free experience. With its sleek design and practical functionality, this mat is both functional and attractive. Keep your home cleaner and tidier with the Mayitwill Cat Litter Box Mat. Shop now and enjoy a hassle-free solution to cat litter tracking.

Designed to fit in the Scratcher Basin Space.

Calming bed for your cat

Soft material with plush padding

Non-slip and 3s water-resistant design

Foldable design for easy storage

Michu Castle Cat Litter Box Round Cushion- Soft and Cozy

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