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Like graceful nymphs dancing in a moonlit glade, our ethereal fur darlings find sanctuary and adventure in the embrace of Iris tall cat tower. With its sinuous branches reaching skyward like ancient willows, this arboreal wonder beckons to the spirited explorer within every feline soul. Each tier, a sanctuary of repose, invites contemplation and dreams, swathed in the soft caress of plush cushions akin to clouds adrift in a summer sky. Suspended below, like dew-kissed jewels, dangle toys of whimsy to stir the playful spirits of our cherished companions. Whether they soar as intrepid falcons or linger as solitary seraphs, Iris large flower cat tree is a haven of bespoke elegance, inviting each precious whiskered friend to weave their own tapestry of wonder amidst its verdant boughs.

Handcrafted Woven Sanctuaries

Each wicker basket of the tall cat tower, woven with the tender care of woodland sprites, offers a sanctuary of serenity for our feline companions, reminiscent of enchanted nests cradled among whispering branches.

Cotton Cloud Comfort -Washable Elegance

Embracing practical elegance, the plush cushions of the flower cat tree, crafted from the finest cotton, are as easy to cleanse as rain washing away the worries of the day, ensuring a haven of purity and comfort for our cherished companions.

Artisanal Allure: Where Curves Conspire with Craftsmanship

Iris large cat tree is a symphony of artisanal allure, where every curve and contour whispers secrets of craftsmanship akin to the gentle murmurs of a hidden brook, inviting exploration and discovery.

Pom-Pom Charms and Feline Fantasies

Adorning each tier of the large cat tree with whimsical delights, the dangling pom-pom toys evoke the playful dance of woodland fairies, igniting the imagination and kindling the playful spirit of our discerning feline friends.

Personalized Elegance: Inviting the Soul to Dance Amongst the Boughs

With its bespoke design, Iris cat tree embodies a personalized elegance, inviting each feline soul to imprint its unique essence upon the tapestry of woven wonders, creating a haven as individual and enchanting as the stars that grace the midnight sky.

Add Iris Cat Tower to your cart today to give your feline friends endless hours of fun and play!

Color: White

Package Weight: 18-20 kg

Package size:

64*33*64 cm

What’s included?

1 Cat Climbing Tree (2 Parts)

3 Baskets

3 Cotton Cushions (Machine washable)

1 Base Plate

1 set of tools and parts

MICHU Iris Cat Tower Deluxe 3-Tier Designer Flower Cat Tree