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Get ahead of shedding and tough pet coats with our heavy-duty detangling rake. This set includes ultra-versatile fluff removers specially designed for both canines and felines. The stainless-steel blade brush allows for gentle massaging, providing a nerve-soothing bonding time with your pet. Invest in this grooming tool to keep your furry friend looking their best.


These are detangling combs that features a 100% stainless steel teeth and pet-safe thermoplastic rubber.

Ergonomic Padded Handle

The brushes sit comfortably on your palms. The extra padding is made of a soft, non-slip material that makes it easy to comb your pet's hair for as long as you want.

Promotes Mental Health

Grooming is a powerful technique for relaxing animals. Barbara Natterson Horowitz, a leading animal psychologist, outlines in her book Zoobiquity that grooming is an instinctive ritual animal’s practice on each other to build peaceful social bonds.

Groom & Massage Combo

The two brushes complement each other perfectly. The round brush is soft and highly efficient for grooming your pet, while the bladed brush cleans your pet's fur and reaches deep enough to gently massage it.


Product Details:

Color classification: Green

Dimension: 10.7x 18cm

Weight: 0.18kg

Material: ABS,PC, Silica Gel, Stainless steel

Michu Shedding Rake - The Ultimate Undercoat Grooming Tool for Australian Pet Ow

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