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PETstock Taylors Lakes

Head down to Taylors Lakes to meet some of our furry friends in the Adoption Pod.
Any kittens or cats at PETstock will be adopted through Petstock on our behalf.



Available for Pre - Adoption 

Adoption fee is $350 singles - $500 for bonded pairs with a 50% deposit to help with desexing. We highly recommend adopting 2 kittens if you do not already have a cat. 

These kittens will all grow into their personalities in time, all kittens are desexed and microchipped at once they hit 1kg usually between 9-12 weeks old and will not leave our care before then. 
Due to the vaccine shortage unfortunately all kittens will only come with 1 vaccination IF any of our vets have stock, if there is no stock they will come with a vaccine clause in your contract where you must either take the kitten back to one of our partner vets for 1 vaccination (the rest will be your responsibility) or you can organize your own vet to vaccinate once stock is back but you must provide proof of vaccination within an appropriate time frame before the microchip is transfered to you.




DOB: 19/02/2024

Gender: Male

Location: Southbank

Adoption Fee: $350

😺🔥 Meet Zuko! Your honourable companion!🔥😺


Zuko is ready for pre-adoption and to embark on his adventure to find his forever home! 🐾🏠 


Zuko has a fiery spirit and a heart full of determination. This playful little fireball is sure to bring warmth and joy to your home.


And don't let his tough exterior fool you; underneath his confident demeanor is a heart of gold. Zuko is a big smooch who adores cuddles and affection. Whether it's curling up on you for a cosy nap or playing with feather wands and interactive toys, he's happiest when he's around you.



DOB: 19/02/2024

Gender: Female

Location: Southbank

Adoption Fee: $350

🐾🌟 Embrace adventure and apply to adopt Ty Lee! 🌟🐾


Ty Lee is available for pre-adoption!


Ty Lee embodies grace, agility, and a touch of mischief. While she may start off a little reserved, once she feels comfortable, her playful spirit shines through! With her acrobatic moves and boundless energy, she'll keep you entertained for hours on end.


Ty Lee adores affection and is very active. She loves to snuggle up on your lap as much as she loves to run and jump around. She is a great climber and will show off her skills at any chance she gets. And don't be surprised if she uses her charm to win over every member of your household!



DOB: 19/02/2024

Gender: Female

Location: Southbank

Adoption Fee: $350

💖😺 Introducing Mai 💖😺


Mai is available for pre-adoption!


Mai will steal your heart with her serene personality and soft purrs. She is not one to demand attention but will happily sit by your side or enjoy playing with feather toys.

She may seem reserved at first but once you crack through her outer shell, she is very loyal and will be very affectionate to the person she holds dear.


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